Motion Graphics vs 2D Animation vs 3D Animation

Which is best for your business?

Before I start to explain which Motion Graphics vs 2D Animation vs 3D Animation will be best for your business, you should know first what those are and how they create an impact on your business! Every business now days looking for some exclusive ways to promote their product or services online! Within a short period, they want to promote and increase keyword ranks on major search engines and want to grab the best business deals. If you are one of them who don’t understand which one you should choose for your business promotion, 2D or 3D or motion graphics, you should read this article carefully!

Here, I am going to explain about 3 models and compare and choose the best one for you!

Motion graphics as against 2D and 3D Animation

Once you start motion graphics, you will understand how tough it is! In this project, you have to do live-action of texts, symbols, and images in a motion way to present proper messages. It is one type of top graphic design that includes voice while representing. Motion graphics also called animated infographics. It is one of the best ways to represent information easily. It’s related to text and image which help to engage you always. There are several institutes, pitches; classrooms prefer motion graphics for their students

But it is a little bit complicated. And most of the business owners now days prefer an easy and simple method to make corporate videos and use those videos easily!  Motion graphics is the best option for students to study or understand in the classroom! This you may not use for a corporate video.

2D Animation as against motion graphic and 3d animation

We all have some ideas about 2D and 3D Animation. We all watched from childhood animated videos. But modern 2D animation much differs from the normal one. With the proper boundaries, one will be able to build videos and promote their business easily.

In this type of animation, character creation plays an important role. You can easily create your own character and tell a story through that character. It increases visibility and improves your business efficiency as well Once you publish this type of videos, it will increase likes and comment. Most of the viewers prefer animated videos to share and like rather normal videos.

2D animation is customizable. It is one of the best tools to promote and advertise your product or services online. You can use a more friendly tone, content, and create a beautiful animated video. If your budget is limited for advertisement purposes, then you should choose this animation process. This is reasonable.

3D Animation as against motion graphic and 2d animation

If you have 2D animation, you can convert your 2D animation into 3D animation easily. 3D animation is a little bit more intensive in nature and more popular than 2D! Another feature is, 3D animation easily represents your customer value and able to convey your message to everyone. You can able to advertise your product or services online using 3D animation.

Always remember, most of the people prefer 3D animation because of its a fast and popular technique. Most of the viewers always prefer 3D videos more rather than 2D. So, once you publish any advertisement or corporate video using 3D technology, you have to market that video strongly. The more people visit the video, the more create chances to get a good result.

3D sometimes can be only the option, where you may use animated and architecture design, It protects videos and makes it worthy.  If you have a budget, then you must create an advertisement using 3D technology because once you use this technology you will get good exposure and target traffic as well.

People will visit more and more your website and hit your business. It definitely increases business efficiency and the ratio of sales. Choose the best deal through the online and then proceed.


Now, the question is which one you should choose for your business promotion? Do you want to use motion graphics? Or you should use 2D or 3D?

Well, the answer can be very! In my opinion, if you have a limited budget and you have a small business, then you must try 2D animated videos for advertisement and promotion. But if you have sufficient budget and you are a medium or large size business owner, then you should choose 3D! for institutions and school motion graphics is good! Also for corporate presentation, you may use motion study graphics and create some exclusive videos to present! It attracts clients and helps to finalize the deal easily.

If you want to show how successful you are in the business world, then you should choose 3D always. It increases your business value and improves your business efficiency. 3D animated video improves your business reputation and it creates a brand! If you have a budget then you must try these 3D videos more than anything else.

Before selecting what type of animation you should choose, there are several factors you have to consider, like –

  • Complete video time
  • your budget
  • your target audience
  • creative vision
  • And purpose.

Suppose, if you need a video within 1 week, then you should choose 2D animation. If you have a larget budget, a huge audience for target and complex advertisement content, and format, then you must try 3D! This is one of the best ways to implement 2D or 3D for your business. You have to analyze and check your budget, necessity, and time! Based on those, consult with a reputed company and ask for the price. Choose the best one after complete analysis and enjoy your advertisement. Video not only promotes and advertises your business but it also helps to improve website ranking! Animated videos help to increase SEO ranking and improve business efficiency.

So the fact is, as per your budget, you have to choose animated video types like 2D or 3D or motion graphics. Find the best videos online and then proceed. Analysis of complete factors and select the best factor as per your need and requirement. Find the best SEO rank through the online now!